02 Oct 2018


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Blue in The Night is a kind of black granite with shiny blue flakes origin quarried in Namibia. This granite stone is good for Countertops, Kitchen Tops, Vanity Top,interior wall and floor applications, and other design projects.

For a darker granite work surface, this stone from Namibia is an excellent choice. However, by choosing the Blue in the Night stone you are not limiting yourself to a black work surface. While the dominant colour of the stone is black, the lighter and brighter blue flecks provide a more dramatic impact that is ideal for those who want a stylish and sophisticated finish in their kitchen. This African stone would look great in any home. For a family kitchen, the Blue in the Night granite from Namibia is perfect because it will last for years, but it will also look great in a modern, contemporary setting. The bright blue flecks in the stone seem to shine and give the overall effect much more depth.


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