02 Jun 2016


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Marble Countertop has the most visual appealing surface and can be categorized as expressive material. Marble countertop has a wide range of colors, textures. Coupling with a right finishing, a marble countertop can fit in virtually every type of ambience. Marble countertop does have certain limitations owing to its porosity. There is no sure way of proofing marble countertops against staining from colored fluids, so it is not a good material for kitchen applications. However, marble countertop is the top choice in bathrooms. Nevertheless, the owner should always be prepared to maintain marble countertop periodically.

Granite countertop is created in nature and fashioned by modern technology, making an investment homeowners will never regret. With deep iridescent colors, granite countertops offer uniMarble Countertopque, one-of-a-kind beauty. Certainly, granite countertop will add character and warmth to kitchen, bath, and other areas of the home with a richness that can not be duplicated in synthetic materials. Granite countertop is second only to diamond in hardness. It is one of the best work surface. Granite countertop is extremely stain and heat resistant. Granite countertops have been widely used in commercial applications such as hotels and office buildings as well as residential home decorations in kitchens and in bathrooms.

It is important to note that whether to use granite or marble countertops also depends on the overall style and theme of you home. For example, when your bathroom has been designed in light color with simple appearance, most granite countertops will fit in this type of ambience.


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