Why choose granite ?

Granite worktops for the kitchen have apparent advantages over other materials that can suffer from minor neglect. Below are a number of attributes that make granite an obvious contender as your first choice for your worktop. Natural beauty of a granite worktop comes into play. Vast arrays of shades, colours, and textures are available. Any type of cabinet hardware fixtures can be complemented as well as cabinet finish or flooring. Richness is added to your kitchen, one that simply cannot be duplicated with other materials. Colours to compliment any decor can be found whether it’s a neutral colour or something bright, your personal tastes can always be satisfied.

The durability of kitchen granite worktops is important. Granite is one of the most durable materials available. It is the second-hardest material on earth, weaker only to diamonds. Unlike Formica or other synthetic surfaces, it isn’t subject to scratching by kitchen utensils or burning by hot pots or pans used during cooking. Granite is resistant to staining and discolouring when properly sealed on a regular basis. Sealing is easily done by anyone, and a properly sealed granite counter top will maintain a beautiful shiny lustre for a lifetime.