Why choose onyx ?

Onyx marble is often found in limestone caves, and is formed when water dissolves existing limestone deposits and re-deposits them. The re-deposited limestone develops into quartz crystals that fuse together into translucent layers of stone, becoming onyx marble.

Onyx is a calcareous stone prone to etching from the acids found in ketchup, lemons, alcohol and household cleaners. Similar to limestone, onyx is a softer stone best placed where it won’t be used on a daily basis, as great care is needed to maintain its natural beauty.

Onyx is most often used for fireplace surrounds, bar tops or small islands because it transmits light. Other uses include wall cladding, light duty residential floors, sinks, and tables. Onyx can also be used for novelty items such as vases, urns, lamps, wine goblets, sinks and bowls. It works well where you can accent the stone and use under-lighting or backlighting to draw attention to its translucent qualities.

Onyx marble can be purchased in tile form or in large slabs for a versatile look and feel. It boasts beautiful, translucent, contrasting colors. Similar to marble, onyx can be finished to a polished surface, which deepens the color and contrasts within the stone. It can also be finished to a honed or matte surface.

Onyx marble is not for everyone because of the maintenance it requires. It will etch if you’re not careful and it needs to be sealed. It is a soft, fragile natural stone. If you understand the maintenance and limitations of this stone, it may be a great choice for you as the looks it creates are one of a kind.